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Auto Body Repair Portland

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    Your car gets you to everywhere you need to go in life. Your vehicle is also a big investment that you have made. When you need to find an auto body shop in Portland that you can trust for your auto body repair needs, you can call us here at Portland Auto Body Pros. There are not any other auto body shops in Portland that can provide you with the affordable services that we can. Not to mention, we are the team with highly trained workers that are more certified than all of the other local body shops.

    About Us

    The Portland auto body industry has grown and evolved a lot over the past few decades. Our company has been there through it all. Over the years, we have helped transform the industry of auto body in Portland, Oregon. We are determined to always bring you the results and the car that you need for the optimal auto body services.

    Our Services

    Auto body repair in Portland needs to be handled by professional service providers. The most dependable auto body shop in Portland that can provide you with the auto body services that you need is with our company. Over the years, we have risen above other local auto body shops because we have continually refined our training and services to be able to serve you better. The services for auto body that are transparent are provided by our skillful and knowledgeable professionals.

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    Auto Body

    Our bodywork shop is known to throughout the region and is acclaimed to be a leading service provider and auto body repair shop in Portland. For all of your auto body needs, including lighting issues, bumper work, tire work and even windows, we are the team that you are going to want to bring your car to. We are the leading Portland auto body shop because we are thorough, and because we provide insights into all of the work that we do. There are not going to be any surprise services or hidden fees when you trust us. We know that other auto body services in Portland do that, but you do not have to worry about that with us.

    professional auto mechanic expert working on car painting

    Auto Painting

    When you want to make your dream car the dream color, you can count on us for manufacturer-quality painting. When we are through, your car is going to look seamless and impressive. You could go to one of the autobody stores and buy paint to try to do on your own, but when it comes to painting your vehicle, you are going to want to go to a reputable auto body shop in Portland, Oregon. The expert painting Portland autobody shop is with our company. We are known for auto body repair throughout Portland, Oregon, but over time, we have become highly regarded for our painting services too.

    “Affordable services for auto body in Portland can be difficult to find, but the team at Portland Auto Body Pros is able to get all of the work done for you in a timely way and at an unbeatable price.” – Brenda F.

    Collision Repair

    Being in a collision can be shocking and difficult to cope with. You are going to want to make sure that your car gets the appropriate reparations after the collision. The leading collision repair in Portland, Oregon is provided by our caring team of professionals. We stand out from other teams for collision repair in Portland because we know that collisions can cause stress and panic. Our team does everything we can to ensure that you are taken care of in addition to your car. Due to the fact that we have attention to detail for the car and the driver alike, we have been able to continually rise to the top for autobody repairs in Portland.

    a ca got a dent after collision

    Fleet Services

    Your company is an organization that provides goods and services to community members in your market. You need to make sure that your workers and can navigate Portland in reputable and reliable fleet vehicles, for all of your fleet vehicle services, turn to experts at a body shop in Portland. This means that you are going to want to reach out to our company. We are the car body shop in Portland with the team skilled enough to work on a large number of vehicles in a uniform fashion. We stand out from other companies for auto body in Portland because we ensure we work with you to get the right solution.

    fleet services in progress

    “After my collision, the team at Portland Auto Body Pros helped me get my car road-ready again. In just a couple of hours, I was able to safely drive my vehicle home.” – Glen K.

    professional auto mechanic expert repairing a car

    What to Do After a
    Car Accident

    When it comes to collision repair, you need to look through reputable auto body repair shops in Portland. Our body shop in Portland is going to be able to help you figure out what you need to do after an accident. Most importantly, you need to ensure that the medical and insurance aspects of the accident are appropriately addressed. Afterwards, you are able to trust us as your autobody store for the auto body repairs in Portland, OR., that will get you back onto the road.

    professional auto mechanic expert doing car repair

    Hidden Dangers of DIY

    Going to a Portland auto shop is going to save you a lot of time and energy instead of trying to get the auto repairs done on your own. Although you may think the repairs are simple and straight forward, they can be a lot more challenging when you get down to it. The shop for Auto body in Portland, OR., that you should trust is with our team. There are not any dangers when you trust us with getting the work done.

    “I highly recommend Portland Auto Body Pros to anyone needing affordable car painting services. They made my dream car the dream color.” – Christian P.

    Contact Us Today

    If you have questions about bra auto body in Portland, or reputable repairs for autobody in Portland, you are going to want to discuss matters with our team of professionals here at Portland Auto Body Pros. We are the auto body shop in Portland, OR., that has been around the longest. This means that we have all of the skills and insights required for getting the job done right for your vehicle. You are going to be back on the road in no time at all, and we know that you will always trust us as your loyal auto body shop in Portland.